Reporting with any device

By having access to the easy-to-use reporting, the number of notices usually goes up threefold. This happens because the reporting is no longer dependent on the presence of the superior, the access to computer or paper forms nor anyone’s memory. Report from anywhere at anytime.

Add pictures and files

Animate the incidents or notices instantly by taking pictures with your device. Pictures are faster to take than adding several lines of text and the management gets tons of more information from them. You can add one or several pictures to individual incidents.

Email notifications

Your chosen users get automated email notifications from incidents based on site and incident type. By diminishing the response time to incidents and knowing what’s going on in each site, management can intervene and correct activities before anything serious happens.

Automated and actionable statistics

Besides the fact incidents are automatically in the system without any data import or input, the incidents also draw visual and actionable analytics automatically. Easily Compare sites, see trends, intervene to clear deviations and take proper action.

Customizable incident categories

You can determine the categories and subcategories of incidents yourself and change them at anytime. This setting creates the first multiple choice to incident forms that your incident reporters will fill then on. We have thorough and field-tested incident forms for work safety, environment, security, quality and health.

User and organization management

Organization’s admins can add, change and delete the users at anytime. Basic users can only report incidents and see their own reports. Sub-admins such as regional or site admins can also see statistics of their area or sites. Collaborative users are shared accounts that are easy to share among organization. They also enable organization to accumulate notices from its service providers and subcontractors as well.

Locations and sites

Locations and sites can be added, changed and deleted at anytime by organization’s admin user. Different sites have different causes and consequences of incidents and notices and being able to compare them helps organizations to take proper action.

Quantifiable variables

Cost estimates, missed working hours and realized expenses are just a few examples of variables you may also want to collect on each incident. enables this and each of them also creates automatically statistics. Besides the quantifiable variables, other additional fields can also be added to the incident form. These can be for example whether the incident happened during work time or outside work time, was a third party involved or not and so on.

Language choices already supports several languages and we add new weekly. The translations of general sections are managed by team but organization admins can translate their own information at anytime. What’s best is that users can report on their language but they are still comparable between countries and business units and organization can see all from a single dashboard.

Coming soon features

Incident followups and scheduling

Some incidents are just good to know notices, but others need to be followed up with a proper action. Once we release this new feature, all the actions can be managed, scheduled and tracked from a single view.

Root cause analysis of serious incidents

To understand and prevent serious incidents, organization admins can determine which incident categories are those and create a suitable process to assess the root causes.

Offline support

In certain environments, there is no Internet connection available. That is why we are releasing offline support for incident reporting. The offline reported incidents are sent to cloud as soon as the user gets online again.

Integration to

Both incidents and audits develop the activities and culture better if the results and followup actions are tracked. Integrate to to have users utilize both easily from the combined user interface and track followups from centralized action list.

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